Friday, August 8, 2014

Diversity and Meritocracy at Polyvore

Nine months ago, a female engineer named Tracy Chou posed the question: Where are the numbers? Since then, over 170 companies have released their diversity numbers. Today we’re releasing Polyvore’s.

Many companies focus on increasing diversity at the front of the hiring pipeline. I think it’s equally important to think about what happens *after* people join a company. I believe one of the best ways to cultivate diversity in tech is to cultivate meritocracy. Simply put, people should be rewarded based on the merit of their work, regardless of their gender, race, age or tenure. This is fairer for everyone, period.

To achieve meritocracy at Polyvore, we try to be thoughtful about our processes and cultural norms. We use objective measures of success, like clear team goals and metrics. We use Scrum retrospectives and departmental email updates to ensure transparency around what’s being worked on, by who, and why it matters. We encourage a culture of explaining and asking why, to ensure that decisions are made based on the merit of people’s arguments, not on seniority or social clout. As CEO, I take the time to explain how we arrived at our strategy, versus just telling people to march in a particular direction. Although we have many fun social events (offsites at the beach, scotch o’ clock, doffle tastings), we ensure that important work decisions happen at work during work hours, not at events where some people might be absent. This prevents the formation of an “inner circle” (often a “boy’s club” at other companies) that excludes people from important decision-making.

No company is perfect. We’re certainly not as ethnically diverse as we could be. But as a female Computer Science grad whose 2005 department t-shirt was a drawing of 6 male stick figures and 1 female stick figure (a joke about the gender ratio), I’m proud that Polyvore’s engineering team is 26% female, well above the industry standard of 10-15%. I’m looking forward to seeing even more female engineers join us!

Most of all, I’m proud that our engineers work together every day on solving interesting technical problems, from crawler automation to image masking to mobile growth hacking, with the shared goal of being great engineers, regardless of gender, race, age or tenure.

To learn more, check out our team in action and find out about their hidden superpowers...

(And if you’re interested in joining us, check out our Jobs page! ;-)


  1. Wow! I am intrigued by this company! Just happened to come across the site while 'surfing' and couldn't stop reading - what polyvore is about, your work style and environment etc. Then I decided to read more about the team behind your company. I went through the list and correct me if I'm wrong, but there was not one black face in the photos. As a black female I find this shocking and disturbing to say the least. Why?

    After reading your blog, I'd be interested to hear the answer to the question I've posed. How does this company intend to increase and achieve diversity when you don't have a single black employee??

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