Thursday, December 20, 2012

Polyvore Infographic

It's been a great year for Polyvore!

To celebrate the end of 2012, we've put together an infographic showcasing our growth.

Our amazing community of users has grown and grown. We now have over 20 million unique visitors per month. Our community creates over 2.4 million sets per month, which get viewed 1 billion times per month. 43% of those views happen on social networks like Facebook and Pinterest. (Interestingly, sets shared to Pinterest get seen 18x as often as those shared to Facebook.)

Polyvore drives 7.5 billion views of products per month, which attracts lots of people who shop -- and spend! The average order size from Polyvore visitors is a whopping $220. On Black Friday, our average basket was 50% higher than the average for apparel. Fun fact: the biggest order ever was for $67,315!

A big thank you to the Polyvore community and to our wonderful team for a great year! Looking forward to 2013 :-)